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     Welcome to Stories on Mission Site, the place to Discover, Partner, and Connect with our ministry and the community in which we serve.  We covet your support and partnership as we strive to be the presence of Christ to our neighbors.  

"Since there will never cease to be  some in need on the earth, I therefore  command you, "Open your hand to the  poor and needy in your land." Deuteronmy 15:11

    Discover the place we serve, Perry County one of the 20 poorest counties in the United States.  As GSC field personnel for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Storie family is partnering with a non-profit ministry located in Marion, Alabama Perry County is one of the 20 partner counties part of the CBF Together for Hope rural  poverty initiative.

    Partner with us through Prayer, Giving of specific items needed, and perhaps Serving in Perry County on a short term mission trip.

    Connect with our mission and ministry through newsletters and stories.  Sign up for our email updates and prayer requests.

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